ABout trinity bbq

Trinity BBQ really started about 40 years ago while I was watching my grandfather run his pit.  Of course he made his pit.  He could make just about anything.  Pa would smoke briskets, chickens and ribs for hours.  He used a special rub (later found out it was just red pepper) and his secret sauce (it is still a secret today).  Pa's BBQ was awesome.  He loved to BBQ for people and I guess that is when I caught the bug.  It only took me 35 years to get it right.


After my grandfather passed, I inherited a small BBQ smoker that he made.  I almost smoked that thing to death (still use it to smoke sausage).  After enough prodding from family and friends, I made the purchase of the pit I call, the VooDoo Child.  I'm a huge SRV fan so if you ever are with me while I'm smoking, you will get your fill of the blues.  I wanted to do magical stuff with my new smoker.  It was also at this time in my life that I met a special lady who convinced me to pursue my dreams.  She actually helped me name the smoker.    With some pushing from Shannon, one heck of a tough lady and a true survivor on her own, and some creative sessions with some good friends, Trinity BBQ was born.  

In the roughly 2 years we have been smokin, we have done several events, one big event, a wedding, a birthday or two and have met a ton of great people.  While I smoke the meat and create the recipes, Shannon creates the event.  She decides how the tables will look, the best way to present the meal, and most importantly, doesn't let me screw things up as I am always trying to tweak recipes and processes.  

Trinity BBQ is here to take care of all of your BBQ needs.  So give us a shout, large or small, we really want to help you make your event special.  You will love our food and we will love to meet you!